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Spa in Spa - Sokobanja adventure

When you think vacation, fresh clean air, untouched nature, and relaxation - Think about Sokobanja. Unique! One word describes harmony of nature, tradition, relaxation, and good amusement, everything in one place - Sokobanja.

This oasis of Oxygen is situated 240km from Belgrade and 60km from Nis. Embraced by number of parks and pin forests it will relive your breath. Don't miss opportunity to visit park - "Banjica", central park, "Borici" and park "Cuka II".

Known from the Roman time, it didn't lose her glow and Beauty. On the well-known marble promenade you can seethe Old Turkish Bath - Amam from the XV century, which was built on foundations of Roman bathtubs. Duke Milos used to enjoy here, and you can see his bath even today. This symbol of Sokobanja, which is unque in this part of Balkan, wins over people with its charm. Across the Turkish bath there is "Milosev Konak", built for the needs of administration of that time. Nowdays you can enjoy drinking coffee and watching the biggest marble promenade in Serbia.

For years many famous persons used to relax in Sokobanja, it was also inspiration for number of verse sand novels…And like Mosa Odalovic said:" State of an emergency on the whole planet! The world is measured and cut out again. Everybody wants to built Sokobanja, but God said:" It exists somewhere already!"

Medieval Love!

Medieval legend about tragic love young prince and beautiful Elefterija has been retold for years in this area. Now day's two well-known picnic grounds are named after them - Zupan and Lepterija.

Up the river Moravica, the place where new love is born old revived this myth about eternal love inspires number of couples to enjoy walking the endless forests paths. Very beautiful river beaches: Zupan, The six Casks, Gentleman, and the crystal clear mountain river Moravica give an excellent refreshes and place for getting together on hot summer days and evenings. Lepterija presents the real heaven for barbecue and play especially for children. 400m from Lepterija there are Sokograd. This Bizantium fortress [IV-VI] was landowners home in medieval Serbia. In 1413 it was destroyed in struggles for the throne by sultan Musa.

Godmothers image in rock is very attractive. This natural phenomenon of an image can be seen from the picnic ground Lepterija, above the river high in the rocks.
Enjoy in getting together in this gorgeous environment, which will conquer your heart at the first meeting. That love will revive all the good things and inspire you to come back again.

Mistique of Rtanj!

After you go through magic of Sokobanja, satisfied with evening amusement, number of restaurant and nightclubs, when you are prepared for adventures and irresistible call of nature, point to the north and you will see magnificent Rtanj. This mountain, like an ancient pyramid, comes to the surface from the pleasant valley.

For thousand of years number of secrets hidden there has attracted many adventures and curious looks. "Fierry balls", a natural phenomenon which can be seen only on this mountain, the legend about volcano, numbers of underground springs and caves and endless pastures full of well known Rtanj tea are just a part of a long story which has been told through centuries and make this mountain special and worth of your attention.

Nowdays you can hear the legend about visitors from others planets also as the story about researching of Rtanj and its miracles by the scientist from all over the world.

However, climbing this mountain you will revive your adventure temperament and find out many hidden mysteries. When you come to the highest point of this mountain [1560m], gorgeous look which goes to the river Sava and Danube in the north, also as incredible fresh air and clouds which pass by, will make you fill like you touched the heavenly blueness!

Green secret!

Sokobanja breathes by the essence of pine wood and Ozren makes her lungs. The best way to feel the breath of this untouched nature is to go into detecting of green secret and mystery! On the slopes of this mountain you can see the biggest and the most beautiful waterfall in Serbia, so-called Ripaljka. It has been under protection of the State since 1948.

Deep in the forest, on one colorful clearing there is the Armenian monks monastery from the 14 century. This is the place where many people get together to celebrate Saint Archangel. Now, task for you! Try to find out the cave, small lake teeming with the trout, the highest point of Ozren - "Ostra Cuka", the "Stone of love", "Djerdjelez" spring, "Maidens Stone", picnic ground "Kalinovica"… Please, don't lose hope in the mountain hasn't discovered all her secret and mysteries.

The Environment!

Besides the pleasures that Sokobanja offers you mustn't miss the opportunity to visit others sights and beauties.

Felix Romuliana is situated 70km from Sokobanja, on the road of Roman emperors, near Zajecar. Even today, seventy centuries later, it is necessary to have hard fillings when you are in this Tsar palace where the ideology of one Empire built the myth of Gallery praised him to the skies. This Tsar palace from the IV century is candidate for the list of cultural inheritance under protection of UNESCO.

Following the ancient Roman roads you will come to Mediana. Summer residence of Roman emperors from the IV century situated in Nis, on the gate of East and North, will make you fill some Roman adventures.

Untouched nature and great history makes the treasure of the eastern Serbia. The Old Mountain with its highest point Babin Zub stands out among number of mountains and forests. The place where you can find many animals like deer, lynx and other wild animals makes the real heaven for hunters and people who enjoy nature. Attractive paths and a lot of snow make this mountain attractive destination.

Facts, myths and legends are intertwined with interesting stories, monuments and churches of this area. The monastery in Lipovac, the Church of Holly Trinity in Adrovac where the Russian colonel Rajevski was buried, inspiration for Vronski from the well-known novel Ana Karenjina, Bovan Town and many other objects are trials of many different people and their customs. All of this increases our tourist offer.

The Eastern Adventure!

How many impressions can stay in one day? You will have the answer if you get into the eastern adventure. Following the road to Knjazevac, 11km from Sokobanja, on the foothill of the mountain Devica, near Vrelo village, the river Moravica appears. Instead of risen and strong you will see numbers of imperceptible, calm and persistent spring, which flow into one very small, crystal clear lake and downstream, into the river Moravica. Fresh trout from nearby lake, beautiful Saint Ilias Church and look to the wooden Devica make excellent conditions for picnic of your dreams.

Five kilometers from this place, in the area of Sesalac village, there is the cave of Sesalac Winding, macadam road from Sesalac village to the cave will arouse your interest for exploring and adventure. 200 meters long lighten path enables you to enjoy the caves decorations, small caves lakes and small lost rive. Strange filling of tranquility and primordial protect will arouse Neanderthal spirit of yours.


Healthy man-works love and plays. We do not suspect that you are hard working, don't worry about love, you will fall in love in Sokobanja, and amusements, let us organize that. Sokobanja`s cultural summer traditionally lasts for 100 days. During that time we organize concerts, exhibitions, poetic evening, traditional manifestations, like "The Golden hands", "The best accordion", medical herbs festival and many others.

You will have opportunity to try out and compete in many sports like basketball, football, tennis, beach volley, mountain bike, and paragliding…

French and brisk Sokobanja`s air always make you hungry. Tasty food, first class service and well-known Sokobanja`s cheese are waiting just for you in over the 20 restaurants.
Nightlife, neither to noisy nor to quiet, in many open-air restaurants with live music, cafe bars and restaurants will make you stay in Sokobanja unforgettable and special.

Aquatic challenge!

When you come to this area, tired of disturbance and daily city drab, desirous of heath and freshness, which only Sokobanja can offer, the real thing, which will attract your attention and show that you are on the right road is the lake of Bovan. Situated near the road, which connect Sokobanja and Aleksinac, popular "Bovan" is the most visited lake in the eastern Serbia.

If you are fishing, swimming or water sports fun, or you just like walking and camping in pure and beautiful countryside, you will enjoy the time spent in this aquatic kingdom. The great number of fish species in the lake makes the real challenge for experienced fishermen as a lot of fishing competitions makes the real attraction.

Visiting the lake of Bovan will make your stay in Sokobanja interesting and with the beauties of this place you will fulfill yourself with the eternal memories.

Spa in Spa!

Enjoy the nature and refresh your senses! 14km from Sokobanja, on the slopes of gorgeous Bukovik, wooded mountain with the fresh air, drink water and a beautiful picnic ground is Banja Josanica, the unique link between nature and tourism.

Known in the time of Romans, medical springs eliminate diseases like stomach diseases, bladder and genital diseases, diabetes, blood vessels disease, rheumatism and many others. Local residents will greet you warmly, offer you many local specialties and legends and show you the way to many cultural and historical monuments. A small church "Uspenje Svete Bogorodice" [Arising of the Holy mother] situated in the center of Josanica, built in the 14. Century is the oldest and most important monument in this part of Serbia. There is the building of church taverns from the IX century with museum exhibition and watermill from the Turkish period.

At the end of a day, when you find out all beautiful places from Josanica you will take wonderful experience personified by health and nature.

The Northern adventure!

Ancient people knew how respect luxury and natural resources of Sokobanja`s gifts. From ancient times this was the place where different people settled down. They left trails, which can never lose their beauties and glow. One of them is well-known Vrmdza town.

One of 150 Latin fortresses, Vrdzma town was built by Romans between IV and VI century and has overcome many conquerors. In 1413 in the time of Turkish battles for the trone it was destroyed. It has never been renovated. Now day's village Vrdzma is situated here.

Not far away from it, only 3 kilometers to Rtanj, there is the lake of Vrdzma. You can reach this mountain pearl with the crystal clear water going through the green forest full of medical herbs, wild strawberries, blackberries and mushrooms. At the end of the path beautiful lake, untouched countryside excellent for picnic and relaxation are waiting for you. If you spend unforgettable moments here you will become a part of a perfect kingdom, kingdom of nature, which will make you fill healthy and rested.
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