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Special natural rezervat Zasavica

Long time ago, 33km long Zasavica stream has been named "Bara" ["Puddle"] by the local people. The reason for that was the green cover made of rich water vegetation, which in some parts slows the stream, creating the illusion of total stillness. This stream makes possible the survival of many different plant and animal species. In order to preserve this world of rare flora an fauna, in 1997. Zasavica and its side had been put under the State protection, as a natural treasure of great importance. Zasavica is an oasis for almost 200 different plant species, 120 bird species and about 20 species of fish, amphibians and reptiles.

This year in April, thanks to the present of The Bavarian government, Zasavica got back its former inmate, European beaver, which is now again a respected habitant of this beautiful reservation.

We must point out that the greatest acknowledgment for preservation goes to always good - willing locals who live nearby and with Zasavica.

A lot has been written about Zasavica. It lives in many songs, but the most beautiful stories and songs you will hear from Zasavica itself. A boat ride through Zasavica represents a true pleasure for all of those who enjoy foto safari, because its nature will never leave you indifferent.

08:00h Departure from Belgrade
09:30h Arrival in Sremska Mitrovica. Coffee break. A visit to the Roman imperial town of Sirmium. A visit to Museum of Srem.
11:30h Crossing over beautiful St. Irinej pedestrial bridge to Mačvanska Mitrovica
12:00h - 12:30h Continuing the Journey to Ravanj, to the "Zeka Buljbasa's bush" [a place where, in 1813, a battle between hajduks and a lot more powerful Turkish army took place].
13:00h Continuing the journey to Glogovac [a place where writer Janko Veselinović was born and died]
13:30h - 15:00h A visit to the ethnic park and museum in Sovljak; theatre show in amateur theatre from Ravnaj. Coffee break.
15.30h Return to SRP Zasavica ride by Umbra boat, lunch, Gipsy string Orchestra

Note: Lunch time is at 17:00h.
Leaving after the guests are tired of the fresh Zasavica's air.

- Transportation by Minivan tourist class minivan [CD player]
- Transportation by bus tourist class bus [high floor, TV/CD player, air condition].

Price of the arrangement includes:
- transportation
- traditional welcoming serving
- lunch in the country house
- boat ride
- musical program - gypsy strings
- coffee in Sovljak
- services of the local guide
- trip organization and guidance

Minimal number of passengers is 35 for bus and 14 for mini-van.

The agency keeps the right of canceling the excursion 5 days before departure if not enough passengers had applied.
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