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Hotel Le Petit Piaf, Belgrade / Serbia

Type of service: bed and breakfast, half-pension, and pension. Transportation Organization of meetings, press conferences and other events.

Hotel “Le Petit Piaf”, opened on 9th of September 2004 and has a wonderful location right in the eastern part of the old city of Belgrade in Skadarlija, which is a remarkable tourist attraction with well-known restaurants, art galleries, and antique and souvenir shops. In this charming and picturesque district, up to 20, 000 people gather every day which is beneficial from the point of view of attracting leisure demand. Furthermore, the hotel is located at reasonable distance from the business district, around the Square of Republics, where the main domestic and foreign banks are located. The main entrance is located behind the house of the well-known Serbian writer and painter Djura Jaksic. Distance from: the airport Belgrade Surcin 15km the main train station 3km the main bus station 3 kilometers.

+ 381.64.555.85.81

Hotel Park, Belgrade / Serbia

Type of service: bed and breakfast, half-pension, and pension. Breakfast is English.

Hotel Park is conveniently located in the very center of the business and commercial part of Belgrade City Center. Modern, city [business] hotel, situated on the Cvetni trg [Square of flowers], closing the corner of Njegoseva and Svetozara Markovica street. The distance to the main train station is 1 kilometer and to the International Belgrade Airport is approximately 20km.

Hotel capacity are apx. 200 beds in 128 comfort rooms and suites:
- 50 single bed-room
- 70 double bed-room
- 2 suites

All rooms are well equipped, air-conditioned, with bathroom and include:
- direct phone line
- color TV [satellite programme]

Restaurant on the I floor
- functionally and well equipped
- pleasant interior
- capacity - 300 places
- Full restaurant service
- Meals from domestic and international cuisine
- Wide range of drinks

Beside its regular services this restaurant is often a host for business meetings, cocktails, banquets, weddings and all kind of celebrations....

Saloon has capacity of 70 places. Hotel is known for well organized interior which allows organization of all kind of seminars, symposiums, bussines meetings, smaller congresses etc. All conference rooms can take about 250 persons in whole.

Banquet Hall has capacity of 30 places. Close to saloon, suitable for organization of the daily program of the seminars, symposiums etc.

National Restaurant "Slozna braca" is located on the ground floor. Its functionally equipped with pleasant ethno ambient. Total capacities are 80 places.

In pleasant ambient, specialties of the national cuisine and quality service of the staff You'll find the real gurman pleasure.

+ 381.64.555.85.81

Danube Cruise Program - 8 days

Tour highlights: Danube and Sava Delta under Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade [starting point of the tour]. Sail on Danube and Đerdap Gorge is a remarkable display of nature and scenic waterways. Smederevo Fortress with an uneven triangle base from 15th century is one of the biggest fortresses in the plains in Europe.

Ram town and its Roman ruins from 12th century.
Danube and Morava Delta. Srebrno jezero, created by closing off one of Danube's side flows. Ideal for fishing and relaxation. 300 meters wide and 13km long. Gradište at the Pek and Danube Delta. Place for gold washing at the place where

Danube is 2km wide.

Golubac Fortress [Fortress of the Cursed Jerina] at the very beginnig of Đerdap Gorge. One of the most scenic fortresses from 14h century. Lepenski Vir - archeological location with unique artifacts from paleolite and neolite periods. Tabula

Traiana - carved into stone in 103 B. C. as a landmark for building a roman road during the rule of Traian. Strbac Monastery and the best panoramic view of Đerdap Gorge for photo safari. sightseeing of Belgrade and an unforgetable night on one of the rafts in Belgrade.

Day 1: Friday [46km] - Downstream
Arrival at Belgrade Airport. Transfer to the port. Boarding the URAN yacht. Cruise to Smederevo [3 - 4 hours]. Dinner and rest.

Day 2: Saturday [58km] - Downstream
Breakfast. Sightseeing of the fortress and the museum. Cruise to Gradiste - Srebrno jezero. Quick stop in Ram. Lunch in a fish cottage. Departure for Gradište. Accommodation in the hotel Srebrno jezero. Dinner and Rest.

Day 3: Sunday [22 kilometara] - Downstream
Breakfast. Sightseeing of Srebrno jezero. Cruise to Golubac. Accommodation in hotel Golubovac. Lunch. Sightseeing if the Golubac Fortress [Jerina's City]. Swimming. Dinner and rest. Instead of swimming there is an option for a visit to Tuman

Monastery 15km from Golubovac.

Day 4: Monday [51km] - Downstream
Breakfast. Cruise to Donji Milanovac. Entrance and cruise through scenic Đerdap Gorge. Accommodation in hotel Lepenski Vir. Lunch. Sightseeing of the paleolite and neolite archeological digs. Dinner and rest.

Day 5: Tuesday [48km] - Downstream/Upstream
Breakfast. Cruise through the small and large pot of Đerdap Gorge up to Tabula Traiana. Anchor in Strbac. Land transfer to Strbac Monastery. Ethnic Lunch. Return to Donji Milanovac. Dinner and rest.

Day 6: Wednesday [70km]
Breakfast. Cruise to Gradiste. Breakfast in Dobra Bay with a visit to the village. Continue cruising to Srebrno jezero. Accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 7: Thursday [120km + Sightseeing of Belgrade]
Breakfast. Departure for Belgrade by minibus. Lunch in Belgrade. Sightseeing tour of the city and NATO bombing ruins. Accommodation in hotel. Goodbye Party with dinner and music on one of the famous rafts in Belgrade. Rest.

Day 8: Friday
Early breakfast. Transfer to Belgrade Airport

What else:
- Check out the route that was visited by over 500 boats and yachts during 2005.
- Swimming in the calm waterways of Danube.
- Healthy ethnic food served in fish cottages by the river.
- Fresh air and nearness to the forests around Danube.
- Relax and enjoy nature the ancient way.
- Surprise gift.

Uran Yacht [Details]:
10, 5m x 3, 2m x 4m. Weight: 10t.
2 cabins with 7 beds. Living room, kitchen and toilet. Three decks for sunbathing, taking photos, fishing and relaxation.

Fishing and diving equipment. Living room with audio system, TV and sonar.
Refreshments [coffee, tea, juice, soda...]

Tour details:
- 7 half boards,
- 6 lunches,
- A number of transfers,
- Guide Service: 2 + 1,
- Tickets for all locations

Belgrade sightseeing

Day 1th: Meeting of passengers and representatives of the agency at the airport Nikola Tesla - Belgrade. Transfer to the hotel. Free time. Overnight.

Day 2nd: Breakfast. Sight - seeing of the city with a professional tourist guide in the English / German / French Language.

Itinerary: the City Parliament, the Federal Parliament, Terazije Street, Republic Square, Students' Square, Belgrade Fortress, City Gate ["Varos kapija"], New Belgrade, Topcider Hill, Dedinje, Oslobodjenje Square, Slavija Square, Nikola Pasic Square. Free afternoon. In the evening organized visit to the Belgrade Bohemian Quarter - Skadarlija. Dinner in the national restaurant with live music. Overnight.

Day 3rd: Breakfast. One - day excursion in the Central Serbia, Valjevo City and its surroundings.

Itinerary: Belgrade, the Kolubara River valley, Petnica cave, Research Center in Petnica, Valjevo [old city lake Tesnjar, Muselin's overnight stay inn, the monument of the greatest Serbian army commander Zivojin Misic, the monument of poetess Desanka Maksimovic]. Visit of Monasteries Celije and Lelic with relics of the Bishoup Nikolaj Velimirovic, the Orthodox theologian and writer from 20th century, visit to the monastery of Pustinja ["The Desert"] from 14th century built during the rule of the Nemanjic royal family.

Visit to the village Sitarice on the hillsides of Medvednik Mountain. This is the place where the tradition of old Serbian houses, outbuildings, folklore, customs and traditional dishes of Serbian cuisine are preserved and cherished. Here in the yard of an old authentic village house, Serbian dining table brimming with national dishes and drinks, with welcome of a Serbian host, song and dance typical for this part of Serbia are waiting for us.

Return to Belgrade in the evening hours. Overnight.

Day 4th: One - day program - One day with Nikola Tesla

The day with Tesla begins on the catamaran boat, where Tesla's breakfast is planned, as well as a public lecture with the works of a composer Stevan Mokranjac in a way Tesla saw and experienced them. The program will be preformed by the national song and dance ensemble under the name of "Nikola Tesla" and under the original flag which Tesla presented them. There you will take active part in the program and learn to dance traditional Serbian "kolo".

Landing from the boata and following the way once Tesla went along, when he visited Belgrade. Lunch "Tesla's Menu" in a well - known Belgrade café restaurant. The afternoon rest and preparation for Tesla's night. Departure on the drama performance at the "Madlenianum" theatre, dedicated to Tesla.
Since it is known that the great genius worked late at night, in his honour, we will spend the night in the heart of Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Museum, performing experiments which made him famous.

Day 5th: Breakfast. Transfer from the hotel to the airport. Departure of the group.

Arrangement includes:
- transfers by high tourist class buses during the travel,
- accommodation in the hotel. Type of service: Bed & breakfast [BB],
- 3 lunches, 1 dinner, no drink included during the travel,
- all tickets included in the program,
- a guide speaking the native language of the group provided during the trip,
- organization and running the trip.

Belgrade by BOAT / EuroSong (Eurovision) Tour 2008

Description: Regular program of Tourism Organization Belgrade, Dep. near hotel Yugoslavia. Duration: 90 min

Touring: 'May 25th' sports center, Belgrade fort, orthodox cathedral possibility, bridges on the Sava of renting the boat, Cukarica channel between official tours, Ada Ciganlija island, return to the Yugoslavia hotel pier for the following purposes:
- birthday parties,
- wedding on the river,
- organizing programs lasting Several HRS.

Belgrade churches and monasteries, organized groups duration 240 min by bus with 28, 50 and 70 seats. Ruzica church, [the oldest orthodox church in Belgrade - 16th century], St. Petka chapel, old Belgrade core, patriarch's residence, orthodox cathedral, St. Sava church, Vavedenje monastery, and Rakovica monastery, departure in front of the hotel.

+ 381.64.555.85.81
+ 381.19.424.630


The city covers an area of about 597 square kilometres, including the city of Niš itself, the Niška Banja spa and 68 suburbs. Niš Constantine the Great Airport (Аеродром Константин Велики) is its international airport with the destination code INI. Niš is the administrative center of the Nišava District of Serbia.

Situated at the crossroads of Balkan and European highways, connecting Asia Minor to Europe, Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, and has from ancient times been considered a gateway between the East and the West.

Niš is a university center. There are about 28,000 university students at the University of Niš, which comprises 13 faculties. Niš is also one of the most important industrial centres in Serbia, a center of electronics industry (see Elektronska Industrija Niš), industry of mechanical engineering, textile industry and tobacco industry.

Historical Sites:
· Skull Tower (Ćele kula)
· Tvrđava - Turkish fortress in the city center.
· Mediana - archaeological site, Roman imperial villa.
· Kazandžisko Sokače - example of original architecture from Ottoman period.
· Crveni Krst concentration camp built by occupying German forces during WWII.

+ 381.64.555.85.81
+ 381.19.424.630

City Vrsac, Serbia / Vojvodina

Tourist has left a new comment on your post "Vršac - “A Wine Path”":

City Vrsac, Serbia / Vojvodina

Eighty five kilometres away from Belgrade at the borders of Romanian Transylvania, a town of 40,000 population being a long time the economic and cultural centre of the region. Vrsac has been known by its young and fruited wine, but also by its agreeable climate. In fact, lent to the greenish hills of Vrsacki Breg [641 m high] the town has been emanating an agreeable atmosphere favourable to walks. Thus, passing the palaces and churches constructed in XIX century, then the hills till the height of the town, wherefrom there is a splendid view of the planes of Banat. This greenish framework and the clean air at an hour on the road from the Serbian capital have been explaining numerous sport successes of the national teams in the basket ball and the volley ball, as well as the first most Westward hotel in Serbia-Montenegro.

Since the Middle Ages Vrsac has been the capital of Banat, and its contacts with Romania had always allowed it to develop a flourishing commerce. This is what could be seen in the beauty and richness of particular public buildings.

Since the Neolithic period the site of Vrsac, like those of Vatin and Mesic in the close environment, had developed a particular form of dwelling and of the community life. In the Roman period the hill of Vrsac had been utilised to install a watch tower, and nowadays this is a favourite place to the inhabitants to take walks in. This particular place has been explaining the development of a commercial town since the XIV century when the name of the town appeared for the first time in the official register. In XIV and XV centuries the town had alternatively passed from the Serbian suzerainty to the Hungarian domination. Between 1552 and 1717 Vrsac had been under the Turkish domination. In that period there were two towns: the Serbian upper town and the German lower town. In 1804 the Austrian Emperor had granted to it the status of a free town. This would give the town a commercial impulse. In XIX century it had got many theatres and lyceums and had seen the flourishing of great Serbian names of arts and literature: the painters Nikola Neskovic and Paja Jovanovic, the dramaturge Jovan Popovic, and additionally the poet Vasko Popa. Still today there are numerous cultural manifestations such as the "Golden Autumns" or the "Biennale of the Youth". They are the signs of a never stopped vitality

Magistrat - Mayoralty. In what today is the Mayoralty there is a surprising edifice being the symbol of the town. Constructed in 1860 by the German engineer from Temisuara, this red and white palace overhead by a very Venetian dome in a corner has been of the purest New Art style.

Cofmanova Palata - Cofman"s Palace. In front of the Mayoralty a larger neo-Renaissance edifice built in 1872 by the brewer Jovan Cofman destined to receive his offices and to represent his beer brand this two story had later served as a merchant gallery with the shops rented by the rich German entrepreneurs.

Vladicanski Dvor - The Bishop"s Palace, Dvorska ulica 20. This very nice neoclassical palace had been built from 1750 to 1757 by the orthodox bishop Jovan Georgijevic to establish here the residence of the eparchy of Banat. With the chapel of St. Michael and Gabriel the palace makes an ensemble approaching the palaces of Venice, with its monumental entrance in the forged iron and its slate roof in the selected shapes. In the inside the chapel contains an iconostasis in the baroque style organized around a great representation of Christ. It has been the work by the painter Nikola Neskovic. In the palace there has been a gallery with the pictures of the bishops since the XVIII century, as well as numerous manuscripts and religious objects.

Kula Donjon. On the hill dominating the East of the town there is a donjon from the XV century offering a magnificent view. Seventeen meters high and 6 meters wide, this tower, constructed in the place of the Roman garrison made part of the destroyed fortress of the "Belgrade Peace" signed by Turks and Austrians in 1739. In fact, the Turks having been engaged three times to take it, had lost it finally in 1717 to the Eugene of Savoy troops. This is today the favourite by the people of the town.
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