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Carska bara

Carska bara, spacious and clear blue mirror, dressed in a cane and grass streaks, steppes and willow trees, is placed between three cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin. Its rich water network is made of rivers, canals, lakes and puddles, so colors vary from blue lakes, green and brown forests to yellow and white pastures. This area was once filled with swamps. Today, a number of river meanders are turned into sloping bogs.

One of ten "perfect places" in Serbia, kingdom of birds and oasis of peace and untouched nature, is placed between two rivers - Begej and Tisa - and occupies around 1700 ha. Mosaic character of the reservation comes from interlacing different ecosystems [rivers, puddles, swamps, meadows, pastures and forests] and major parts of it are: old river banks of the Begej and Perleska Bara, Tiganjica and Carska bara, the jewel of the nature.
Every one of the eight European heron species nests here, so this bird is our trade mark. 250 different bird species [140 nonmigratory and 110 migratory species] represent the greatest treasure of the reservation. Many of these birds can be found in the Red Book of endangered species. Concerning the mammal fauna, importance of this region lies in the presence of the otter and the wild cat, very rare and endangered species in Europe.

because of these natural values, and mainly as the significant habitat of swamp birds, this reservation is acclaimed Ramsar and IBA region and it's under the protection of UNESCO. The sound of silence and the song of the nature are being heard here.

- 08.00h Deprture from the assigned terminal.
- Leaving for Carska bara. A visit to Carska bara, a well known natural reservation, where over 300 bird species nests.
- A motor boat ride throught Carska bara, with the professional tourist guide.
- A walk on the Wellness path [with the possibility of renting a bike].
- Lunch in the hotel restaurant Sibila ** [high quality hotel conformed with natural surrounding, restaurant with terrace, air condition in the whole object]
- Free time.
- Return in the afternoon hours.

- Transportation by Minivan tourist class minivan [CD player]
- Transportation by bus tourist class bus [high floor, TV/CD player, air condition].

Price of the arrangement includes:
- transportatioon [bus or minivan]
-a visit to reservation
- lunch in the Sibila hotel restaurant
- services of the local guide
- trip organization and guidance

Price of the arrangement does not include: bike rental

Minimal number of passengers is 35 for bus and 14 for mini-van.

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