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Reveal romance in Vojvodina (Dundjerski castle - Kovilj - Fruska Gora)

A picturesque castle in the Vojvodina plain near Bečej, nowadays hotel "Fantast". The pre - war landowner and wealthy heir, Bogdan Dundjerski built the castle between 1919 and 1923 together with a church and chapel the latter of which was decorated by the owner's close friend, the famous Uroš Predić. Dundjerski, a passionate lover of horses set up a stud farm with 1.400 thoroughbred horses which still exists today on a somewhat smaller scale.

Day 1th: Arrival to Belgrade. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Dinner. Spare time. Overnight.

Day 2nd: Breakfast. Route: Novi Sad - Sremski Karlovci - Palić.
Departure to Novi Sad. Visit to the old city center of Novi Sad [Sloboda Square, Orthodox Church, Vladičinski Palace, City Hall, Cathedral, Dunavska Street, Nikolajevska Church, Serbian National Theatre, Mladenački [Newlyweds] Square, bridges on the Danube, Sahat Tower], Petrovaradin Fortress.

Departure to Sremski Karlovci, the center of Serbian spiritual and secular power; visit to Orthodox Church, Patriarchate Court, Main Square and High School of Karlovci. Wine tasting in one of old wine cellars, lunch in restaurant "Kod 4 lava" with traditional dining table of Vojvodina. Departure to Palić in the evening. Dinner at national restaurant Majkin salaš [homestead]. Overnight at Cvetni salas.

Day 3rd: Breakfast. Route: Palić - Dundjerski castle.
Visit to the Palic; Lake and park, one of the most beautiful in Serbia. We suggest driving by lake or riding bicycles through the beautiful baroque park. Trip continues to the famous castle of Dundjerski family - Fantast [1919]. Visitors will hear a romantic story about this castle and love between Bogdan Dundjerski and beautiful Mara. Visitors can enjoy horse riding within castle. This castle Bečame one of the trademarks of Vojvodina thanks to its beauty. Diner in the castle restaurant; traditional dishes and national music orchestra - tamburaši [tambourines orchestra]. Overnight.

Day 4th: Breakfast. Route: Dundjerski castle - Kovilj - Fruska Gora - Belgrade.

Departure to Kovilj. Visit to the Monastery in Kovilj. Tasting of famous Kovilj's brandies [rakija] and honey from the monastery; visit to a house of Laza Kostić [1841 - 1910], one of the greatest Serbian poets who wrote one of the most beautiful love poems dedicated to Lenka Dundjerski - "Santa Maria de la Salute". Trip continues towards Fruška Gora with visiting two of 17 monasteries. The monastery Krusedol [built from 1509 to 1516] and Monastery Grgeteg [built from 1465 to 1485]. Arrival to Belgrade. Accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 5th: Breakfast. Transfer to the airport; departure.

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