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Visit Niš - Edict of Milan (Constantine the Great 313-2013)

The city covers an area of about 597 square kilometers  including the city of Niš itself, the Niška Banja spa and 68 suburbs. Niš Constantine the Great Airport is its international airport with the destination code INI. Niš is the administrative center of the Nišava District of Serbia.

Situated at the crossroads of Balkan and European highways, connecting Asia Minor to Europe, Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, and has from ancient times been considered a gateway between the East and the West.


Constantine the Great  (lat. Gaius Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus), was born in ancient city Naissus (modern Nis) in 274. AD. He is an important historical figure in the world and in Nis, well known not only as an emperor and wise military leader, but also as a great visionary and defender of Christianity. His visions and dreams in which “labarum” or “The Christ Monogram” appeared, followed by the words of Christ: “With this sign you shall win” (In hoc signo vinces) led him to numerous battles, in which he defeated by far superior enemies. Such a chain of events logically led to the acknowledgment of christian religion in AD 313, by the famous “Edict of Milan”. The history of the world and of Christianity will forever remember him as the person who took Christianity from the catacombs and gladiator arenas and brought it to the light of day, paving the way for what is today one of the biggest world religions.

Exhibition “Constantine the Great and Edict of Milan 313. – The birth of Christianity in the Roman Provinces on the territory of Serbia” and Opera “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi on May 18th at Viminacium.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Anniversary “Edict of Milan 313-2013, Serbia”, on May 18th, 2013, at the archeological complex “Viminacium”, will be held two manifestations: Exhibition, organized by The National Museum of the Republic of Serbia “Constantine the Great and Edict of Milan 313. – The birth of Christianity in the Roman Provinces on the territory of Serbia” and Opera “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi, performed by Ensemble of the Belgrade Opera and two famous opera singers.
The exhibition consists from seven visual and thematic parts and includes exhibits which belong to the World Cultural Heritage (sculptures, fragments of architectural stone decoration; jewelry, cult items, ceremonial objects and items from gold, silver, ceramics and glass; parts of military and formal equipment; roman imperial money and imperial medallions). It will be presented about 128 artifacts from the end of II to VI and VII century A.D. The special attraction is a Portrait of the Constantine the Great in bronze, discovered in 1900, in Constantine birthplace Naissus (Nis). This collection is a part of the Collection family, saved in the most famous museums in the world.
Niš is a university center. There are about 28,000 university students at the University of Niš, which comprises 13 faculties. Niš is also one of the most important industrial centres in Serbia, a center of electronics industry (see Elektronska Industrija Niš), industry of mechanical engineering, textile industry and tobacco industry.

Historical Sites:
· Skull Tower (Ćele kula)
· Tvrđava - Turkish fortress in the city center.
· Mediana - archaeological site, Roman imperial villa.
· Kazandžisko Sokače - example of original architecture from Ottoman period.
· Crveni Krst concentration camp built by occupying German forces during WWII.

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