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Eastern Serbia Program - 8 days

Experience the wild beauty of the unspoiled mountain regions of Eastern Serbia. Follow the trails where adventure awaits at every step. Have a unique experience on the mountain slopes of Eastern Serbia, as you admire the scenic views and routes of the region. Enrich yourselves with a taste of life in the Balkans. Take a piece of Serbia with You.

Tour highlights:
- wonderful Mountainside of Suva and Stara Planina,
- Zavojsko and Smilevsko Lake,
- zaskoci Waterfalls,
- wild nature with phenomenal scenic routes,
- climb to the peak of Mt. Midžor,
- poganovo and St. George Monasteries,
- niška and Zvonačka Banja Spas, who specialize in the treatment of cardio, rheumatic and stress related diseases,
- prolom Banja Spa with mineral springs which improve the digestive system,
- Rajac breweries and wine cellars from 19th century,
- Romuliana Residency of the Roman Emperor Maximilian,
- visit to the Roman Imperial City Naissus [Niš], where Emperor Constantine was born and a visit to the unique historical monument Ćele Kula,
- unforgettable Goodbye Party on one of the rafts in Belgrade.

Day 1: Friday
Arrival at the Belgrade Airport. Transfer to Niška Banja Spa. During the transfer panoramic sightseeing of Niš and a visit to "Ćele Kula". Dinner in the famous restaurant "Amerikanac". Rest.

Day 2: Saturday
Breakfast and sightseeing in Niška Banja. Departure for Kuršumlija. Visit to the unique natural phenomenon called "Devil's City". Lunch in Prolom Banja [Spa]. Departure for Zvonačka Banja [Spa] via Sićevačka Klisura and canyon of River Nišava. Visit to Ethno Center for Pirot Rugs and Souvenirs. Arrival at Zvonačka Banja via canyon of river Jerma. Dinner and rest.

Day 3: Sunday
Breakfast. Departure for Poganovo Monastery built in 1395. Hiking Tour. Bath and massage treatment in the Spa. Dinner and rest.

Day 4: Monday
Breakfast. Departure for Stara Planina. Sightseeing around Zavojsko Lake. Ethnic lunch in the village. Sightseeing of the canyon, waterfalls and undisturbed nature [optional bath]. Arrival at Babin Zub [1, 757m], accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 5: Tuesday
Breakfast. Hiking tour to Midžor [2,170m] in total 12 kilometers. Lunch, rest and a free afternoon. Dinner and Rest.

Day 6: Wednesday
Breakfast. Departure for Knjaževac and Zaječar. Fresh fish lunch by the lake. Arrival at Rajac and tour of breweries and wine cellars. Return to Zaječar. Accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 7: Thursday
Breakfast. Departure for Belgrade. Along the way a visit to roman ruins "Romuliana" from the Roman Emperor Maximilian [3rd century]. Lunch on the outskirts of Belgrade. Sightseeing tour of Belgrade and NATO bombing ruins with a local guide. Accommodation. Goodbye Party with dinner and music on one of the rafts in Belgrade. Rest.

Day 8: Friday
Early breakfast. Transfer to Belgrade Airport.

- Instead of Devil's City we have an option for Duplex Paragliding from Koritnjak above Niška Banja Spa,
- Program is based on the minimum of 6 participants but the group should not exceed 15 persons,
- Program is available for booking from January 1st, 2006 but the tours start on April 21st 2006 and are executed every 7 Days.

What else:
- you will eat healthy ethnic food and as a souvenir you will take homemade wines from Rajac wine cellars,
- spend time on clean and fresh mountain air at high altitudes, which is of benefit for the people with respiratory problems,
- treatments for stress relief in the Zvonačka Banja Spa,
- have a relaxing holiday in Eastern Serbia where nature has remained unaffected by industrial development and
- surprise gift.

Tour details:
- 7 Nights with Half Board and
- 6 lunches.

A number of transfers:
Guide Service: 2 + 1.

Passes for all the sites that will be visited on the tour.
A unique Serbian experience awaits You. Unique tours offered by Outdoor open the doors to the hidden treasures of Serbian nature and culture. Visit the crossroads of Western and Eastern civilization and the region that forged much of the European history. Once You leave, take a piece of Serbia in Your heart.

Program is based on minimum 6 persons.

Jeep Tour Babin Zub - Stara Planina

Day 1: Monday Arrival at Belgrade Airport at 05:20h. Bus transfer to Dimitrovgrad which is about 340km away. Lunch in Nis. Arrival at hotel Balkan. Dinner and rest.

- Lunch in Niš at the famous "Amerikanac" Restaurant
- Scenic tour of the city and visit to unique monument Cele Kula.

Day 2: Tuesday
Breakfast. Departure at 9:00h with jeeps. Route: Dimitrovgrad - Smilovci - Izatovci - Slavinja - Rosomacki Kamen - Rsovci - Visocka Rzana - Dojkinci - Topli Do - Babin Zub. The route is around 100km. Ethnic lunch during one of the breaks.

Accommodation in hotel Babin Zub. Dinner and rest.

- Rosomaca - visit to Rosomaki Kazani,
- Visit to the Cave Church in Rsovci [famous icon Bald Jesus],
- Visocica and Dojkinacka River delta,
- Sveta Bogorodica Monastery,
- Photo Safari with several scenic peaks,
- Visit to Topli Do village,
- Babin Zub Peak.

Day 3: Wednesday
Breakfast. Route: Babin Zub - Midzor [2, 170m] - Temska River Canyon - Visocica River Canyon - Zavojsko Lake - Nisor - Pirot - Sicevacka Gorge - Niš [175km]. Lunch is in Pirot. Accommodation in hotel  Aleksandar in Nis. Welcome Pool Party, dinner and rest.

- Midzor - Jeep climb and hiking tour,
- Zavojsko Lake,
- St. George Monastery in Temska,
- Pirot - famous Pirot rug shopping,
- Ethnic lunch in "Mali Pevac" restaurant,
- Sicevacka Gorge,
- Night bath with a coctail party.

Note: The tour during the second and third day is performed by the professional drivers.

Day 4: Thursday
Breakfast. Bus transfer to Zabljak on Durmitor Mountain in Montenegro. Road stop in Novi Pazar [optional shopping]. Lunch upon leaving Novi Pazar in a restaurant with a private fish hatchery. Arrival on Durmitor in late afternoon. Sightseeing of Black Lake. Dinner and rest.

Day 5: Friday
Breakfast. Departure with jeeps to the peek Curevac [1, 625m]. Arrival at the entry point for rafting on Tara River. Rafting on Tara River 2 - 3 hours. Ethnic lunch in the nature. Return with jeeps to Zabljak and then a bust transfer to Zlatibor.

Accommodation in Villa "U Lugu". Dinner in the restaurant "Knjeginja" and rest.

- Curevac Peak. Scenic View to Tara River Canyon,
- Suspended bridge on Djurdjevica Tara [140m],
- Rafting on River Tara,
- Photo Safari,
- Ethnic Lunch in the Nature,
- Scenic Rout around Zlatibor [around 240km].

Note: professional drivers from Durmitor National Park perform 5th day of the jeep tour.

Day 6: Saturday
Breakfast. Independent jeep tour [participants driving. Departure for Mokra Gora. Ride on the attractive railroad Sarganska Osmica. This is the location of filming for Emir Kusturica film "Life is a Miracle". Arrival at Mecavnik A. K. A. "Wooden

City" which was designed and constructed by Emir Kusturica. Departure for Bajina Bašta on river Drina. Lunch. Visit to a lake and return to Zlatibor. Dinner and rest.

After the visit to Mecavnik instead of departure for Bajina Bašta, the tour goes to Sirogojno. Visit to the ethno museum. Organized shopping of famous hand - crafted souvenirs and clothing. Ethnic lunch and visit to Stopica Cave on the return route to Zlatibor. Dinner and rest.

- Šarganska Osmica Railroad Ride
- Mečavnik - Wooden City of the famous film director Emir Kusturica.
- Lake of River Drina [or optional village Sirogojno with shopping]
- Ethnich Lunch

Day 7: Sunday
Breakfast. Bus transfer to Belgrade and Surcin Airport with a lunch break.
Departure for Tel Aviv at 16:55h.

What else:
You will eat healthy food and as a souvenir you will take some specialties with you. Clean and fresh mountain air at high altitudes which is of benefit for the people with respiratory problems. Participate in health and fitness program on Čigota. Take a bath or drink water from crystal clear rivers on Tara and Zlatibor. Have a relaxing holiday in the parts of Serbia where nature is unaffected by industrial development. Surprise gift.

Tour details:
- 6 Nights with dinners,
- 7 Lunches and Breakfasts,
- 4 Bus Transfers [Belgrade - Dimitrovgrad, Niš - Durmitor, Durmitor - Zlatibor, Zlatibor - Belgrade],
- 3 Days of Jeep Touring with Professional Drivers on Durmitor and Eastern Serbia,
- 1 Day of Jeep Touring on Zlatibor with participants driving
- 2 + 2 + 2 Guide Service,
- Passes for all the sites that will be visited on the tour.
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