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Danube and Sava cruising - Belgrade by boat

Touring: 'May 25th' sports center, Belgrade fort, orthodox cathedral possibility, bridges on the Sava of renting the boat, Čukarica channel between official tours, Ada Ciganlija island, return to the Yugoslavia hotel pier for the following purposes:

- birthday parties,
- wedding on the river,
- organizing programs lasting Several HRS.

Belgrade churches and monasteries, organized groups duration 240 min by bus with 28, 50 and 70 seats. Ruzica church, [the oldest orthodox church in Belgrade - 16th century], St. Petka chapel, old Belgrade core, patriarch's residence, orthodox cathedral, St. Sava church, Vavedenje monastery, and Rakovica monastery, departure in front of the hotel.

Visit Republic Square in Belgrade, Serbia

Starting point at Republic Square, in front of Monument to Prince Mihailo. Over viewing the old building of National Theater. After that, visiting the National Museum, then going to the Students Square, over viewing Kapetan Misino zdanje [the Rector's Palace], besides opportunity to visit Ethnographic Museum. After that, going to the Kalemegdan fortress - Roman Well, Belgrade Victor Monument, Military Museum, different monuments, astronomic observatory, City Zoo, panoramic view on confluence of rivers Sava and Danube, as well as panoramic view on New Belgrade and Zemun.

After sightseeing Kalemegdan, going back through Knez Mihailova street [pedestrian area] where, in street itself and in surrounding streets, you can visit galleries  restaurants, and do your shopping in world famous shops. After finishing sightseeing Knez Mihailova street, at point of restaurant Ruski car [Emperor of Russia], going away, over the Square of the Republic to Skadarlija, old bohemian quarter of Belgrade. Lunch in someone of the restaurants.
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