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Transportation Belgrade - Guča - Belgrade with cheap Accommodation

Guča trumpet festival (05-11. August 2013)

1. Transportation - Belgrade - Guča - Belgrade,
2. Accommodation: in hotels near Guča or in two and three bed rooms in private homes in the center of Guča. Places are limited, and reservations are necessary,
3. Special offer: Transportation and Accommodation for 4 days - arrangement,
4. Special arrangement for group of 10 and more peoples and tour operators.

- the departure from Belgrade on first day of festival, in front of the Saint Marko`s church. The drive last around 3 hours and we arrive in Guča in the afternoon,
- your Guča hosts will welcome you and take you to the accommodation,
- after we accommodate, you can relax and enjoy your one and only trip to this festival of trumpeters,
- during your stay, we can organize different activities and excursions such as:

Visit to Mountain Zlatibor, Sargan s Eight - the narrowest narrow - Gage railroad, Mećavnik - film city of Emir Kusturica, unique ethno village Sirogojno, Tara rafting and many more.

If you interesting for reservation of apartment in Guča, you can contact us by email on or calling number +381616154768.

Rafting river Tara - Extreme sports

One day tour along most exciting and most attractive part of the River Tara total length 14km:
- starting from Belgrade early in the morning and traveling via Užice, Višegrad and Foča to the camp. Meeting with our hosts and surroundings.
- breakfast till 10: 30 - specialty of domestic kitchen,
- changing of wardrobe into rafting equipment. Each participant gets neoprene suit, neoprene boots, life jacket and adventure starts,
- transportation by jeeps and vans to Brštenovica starting point of our friendship with River Tara till 11:30h,
- formation of the rafting teams, introduction to the skipper and basics of rafting and team work. Capacity of the boats in 10 - 12 persons and it is very important to obey skipper's instruction,
- on board to 12:00h rs and rafting starts on the most attractive part of the River Tara total length 14km where are a lot of exciting experience is expected as rapids Celije, Vjernovice grade 5, Borovi, Varda, Cegrlo grade 4, and other 17 which aren't to be underestimated.
- rafting lasts around 3, 5 hours with brakes for swimming and rest in Kulina, Manita vrela, Šipcanica streams,
- arrival at Camp Sastavci around 16:00h and change of wardrobe,
- lunch - specialties of domestic and oriental kitchen, Rafting soup, rousted lamb,
- rest after lunch and departure of Rafters.

Fruška Gora Monasteries

Fruška Gora monasteries represent a unique group of sacral objects founded in the period from 15th to 18th century. 15 out of 35 monasteries that were built are preserved till today. As cultural and historical values, they are under protection of UNESCO. Throuhgt history, these monasteries have represented a symbol of the Serbian resistance to the Turkish Empire and protectors of the great national treasure - sacral art and architecture, keeping the spirit and collective memory of the nation. Still active monasteries are: Krušedol, Petkovica, Rakovac, Velika Remeta, Novo Hopovo, Staro Hopovo, Jazak, Mala Remeta, Grgeteg, Beočin, Privina Glava, Šišatovac, Kuvezedin, and Vrdnik - Ravanica.

Program: 08.00 Departure from Belgrade from the assigned place.
A ride to Fruska Gora and a visit to number of monasteries in wide area of the Iriški Venac site. Visiting Hopovo monastery - one of the most significant cultural monuments in which Dositej Obradović stayed and received education. Visiting Krušedol monastery, which represents the store of the Vojvodinian baroque painting.

Continuing of the journey to Petrovaradin citadel. Visiting the citadel and the Museum of Novi Sad on the citadel. After the Petrovaradin citadel detour, continuing the journey to Sremski Karlovci.

Lunch in the "Četiri lava" restaurant in Sremski Karlovci.
Sremski Karlovci detour which consists of visiting the Patriarch court - with entering the store and the Serbian Orthodox Church Museum, and Karlovci high school - with entering the festival hall and the library of the Magistrat, the town building, with the balcony from which the jurisdiction over Serbian Vojvodina was given to its people, in 1848. Visiting Stražilovo picnic place, 4km from Sremski Karlovci, where the grave of the poet Branko Radičević lies. 20:00 Return to Belgrade.

- Transportation by Minivan tourist class minivan [CD player]
- Transportation by bus tourist class bus [high floor, TV/CD player, air condition].

Price of the arrangement includes:
- Transportation [bus or minivan]
- Visiting Hopovo and Krušedol monasteries
- Tickets for sites and visits to cultural facilities: Visiting Petrovaradin citadel and Museum of Novi Sad, Patriarchate court, Serbian Orthodox Church Museum, Karlovci high school.
- Lunch in the "Četiri lava" restaurant in u Sremski Karlovci
- Services of the local guide
- Accompanist from the agency
- Trip organization and guidance

Minimal number of passengers is 35 for bus and 14 for mini-van.


It is not said without reason, that on the territory of present Serbia, throughout the history, a collision between the worlds and civilizations, the West Roman Catholic and East Orthodox religion, the Ottoman and Hungarian Empire is taking place. However, there are numerous paradoxes.

From time immemorial, many people have visited us. Both invited and uninvited were coming. Legends were written and testimonies of their time were built. Therefore, now Days in this ambiance you will find the most beautiful combination of old and contemporary - the East on the West and the West on the East

Duration of the program: 6 Days / 5 nights

Day 1th: Arrival in Belgrade and accommodation in the hotel. Our professional guide will acquaint you with the details of the program which will be fulfilled during your stay. Depending on the time of the arrival, lunch or dinner will be organized.

Day 2nd: Breakfast. Departure to Vršac. Vrsac is a beautiful city in Vojvodina, located on the very border with Romania, and known, above all, after its vineyards. Data inform us that the grapevine has been grown in this area for over twenty centuries. But before you "start flying up in the sky" on the wine way, Vršac should be discovered! Town of spiritual culture, theatre tradition, great writers and bohemians…

Route starts with visiting St. Nikolaj Church, Vladicanski dvor [Bishop Court], Magistrate, Cathedral, Vršac Museum, and significant "Pharmacy on the stairs", the oldest pharmacy in the Balkans. Then its scheduled visit of the Monastery Mesic [15th century], located not far from Vršac.

Afterwards its time for discovering cafés in Vršac! This enjoyable route starts with restaurant "St. Nikola", exclusive for many things, which date back to 18th century. From there, we move spontaneously on the wine way, which directly leads into the cellars of "Vrsac vineyards", wine producing company with up - to - date equipment for winemaking. Passing throughout the wine plantations occupying area of 1700 hectares, we arrive in the old famous cellar in Gudurica village, where we can finally taste everything we have talked about. We prepared the best sorts for dear guests, and after being friends with the wine for a long time, we are going back to Belgrade - hotel.

Day 3rd: Breakfast. Departure to Banja Koviljaca [spa]. Wherever you go from Belgrade, you will discover that Serbia is luxurious and healing. Under the wooded Mountain Gučevo and in the middle of a hundred year old park, with lots of thermo mineral springs you will discover beautiful Banja Koviljaca, also known as the Royal spa.
After leaving Belgrade, we will arrive in Ruma, where we will take direction Sabac - Loznica - Banja Koviljaca, located in Western Serbia. Relaxation with refreshment after few hours of drive will be in the restaurant on the terrace of comfortable "Villa Dalmacija", and you will specially enjoy a hundred - year - old spa park. Or maybe you wish to try pearl bath, Royal bath, swimming in thermal water pool or at least try the effect of healing mud [peloid] on your body in the wellness center in Banja Koviljaca.

Your muscles will relax, your blood will circulate, while your mind will clear up, and all the consequences of the stress will be in the past. Lunch is planned here, after which we return to Belgrade. On our way back we visit Trsic, a birth place and birth house of Vuk Karadzic and the Tronosa Monastery, foundation of the Nemanjics Royal Family. In the evening we arrive in Belgrade. Dinner and overnight in the hotel.

Day 4th: Breakfast. Departure to the Country Club hotel Babe.
In Country Club hotel Babe we will spend a day and have lunch. The hotel offers two pools in the open, small football pitch, two professional tennis courts, basketball, handball and volleyball playing fields, volleyball sand terrain, trim track, walking paths, the lake for sport fishing, paddock, and marked paths for horse riding.

The thoroughbred horse farm is a special attraction for the guests, where the team of experienced instructors will teach you the basics of riding, and show the paths through the beautiful nature of the hotel complex to the excellent horsemen. During the stay we will go to the nearby mountain Kosmaj and visit the Monastery Tresije. Return to Belgrade in the evening, dinner and overnight.

Day 5th: After the breakfast in the hotel we begin familiarizing with Belgrade. Belgrade should be first experienced from the rivers. Therefore we will start the cruising from the Danube quay. Sailing along the Danube to the confluence of the Sava into the Danube, then to Zemun, Big War Island, Sport Center "May 25th", beneath Belgrade bridges, Cukarica branch, river islands Ada Ciganlija and Ada Medjica. The sailing is 18km long and it lasts 3 hours. The lunch of Serbian national cuisine will be served on the ship along with the tasting of several sorts of domestic brandy [rakija].

Spare time and possibility of choosing sport activities; walking and bicycling paths along the Sava banks are at your disposal. For those who enjoy watching the Sava and the life on water there are numerous boat - restaurants on water you can visit. Dinner. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 6th: Breakfast. Checkout.

Eastern Serbia

Experience the wild beauty of the unspoiled mountain regions of Eastern Serbia. Follow the trails where adventure awaits at every step. Have a unique experience on the mountain slopes of Eastern Serbia, as you admire the scenic views and routes of the region. Enrich yourselves with a taste of life in the Balkans. Take a piece of Serbia with You.

Tour highlights:
- wonderful Mountainside of Suva and Stara Planina,
- Zavojsko and Smilevsko Lake,
- zaskoci Waterfalls,
- wild nature with phenomenal scenic routes,
- climb to the peak of Mt. Midžor,
- poganovo and St. George Monasteries,
- niška and Zvonačka Banja Spas, who specialize in the treatment of cardio, rheumatic and stress related diseases,
- prolom Banja Spa with mineral springs which improve the digestive system,
- Rajac breweries and wine cellars from 19th century,
- Romuliana Residency of the Roman Emperor Maximilian,
- visit to the Roman Imperial City Naissus [Niš], where Emperor Constantine was born and a visit to the unique historical monument Ćele Kula,
- sightseeing of Belgrade and NATO bombing ruins,
- unforgettable Goodbye Party on one of the rafts in Belgrade.

Day 1: Friday
Arrival at the Belgrade Airport. Transfer to Niška Banja Spa. During the transfer panoramic sightseeing of Niš and a visit to "Ćele Kula". Dinner in the famous restaurant "Amerikanac". Rest.

Day 2: Saturday
Breakfast and sightseeing in Niška Banja. Departure for Kuršumlija. Visit to the unique natural phenomenon called "Devil's City". Lunch in Prolom Banja [Spa]. Departure for Zvonačka Banja [Spa] via Sićevačka Klisura and canyon of River Nišava. Visit to Ethno Center for Pirot Rugs and Souvenirs. Arrival at Zvonačka Banja via canyon of river Jerma. Dinner and rest.

Day 3: Sunday
Breakfast. Departure for Poganovo Monastery built in 1395. Hiking Tour. Bath and massage treatment in the Spa. Dinner and rest.

Day 4: Monday
Breakfast. Departure for Stara Planina. Sightseeing around Zavojsko Lake. Ethnic lunch in the village. Sightseeing of the canyon, waterfalls and undisturbed nature [optional bath]. Arrival at Babin Zub [1, 757m],  accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 5: Tuesday
Breakfast. Hiking tour to Midžor [2,170m] in total 12 kilometers. Lunch, rest and a free afternoon. Dinner and Rest.

Day 6: Wednesday
Breakfast. Departure for Knjaževac and Zaječar. Fresh fish lunch by the lake. Arrival at Rajac and tour of breweries and wine cellars. Return to Zaječar. Accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 7: Thursday
Breakfast. Departure for Belgrade. Along the way a visit to roman ruins "Romuliana" from the Roman Emperor Maximilian [3rd century]. Lunch on the outskirts of Belgrade. Sightseeing tour of Belgrade and NATO bombing ruins with a local guide. Accommodation. Goodbye Party with dinner and music on one of the rafts in Belgrade. Rest.

Day 8: Friday
Early breakfast. Transfer to Belgrade Airport.

- Instead of Devil's City we have an option for Duplex Paragliding from Koritnjak above Niška Banja Spa,
- Program is based on the minimum of 6 participants but the group should not exceed 15 persons,
- Program is available for booking from January 1st, 2006 but the tours start on April 21st 2006 and are executed every 7 Days.

What else:
- you will eat healthy ethnic food and as a souvenir you will take homemade wines from Rajac wine cellars,
- spend time on clean and fresh mountain air at high altitudes, which is of benefit for the people with respiratory problems,
- treatments for stress relief in the Zvonačka Banja Spa,
- have a relaxing holiday in Eastern Serbia where nature has remained unaffected by industrial development and
- surprise gift.

Tour details:
- 7 Nights with Half Board and
- 6 lunches.

A number of transfers:
Guide Service: 2 + 1.

Passes for all the sites that will be visited on the tour.
A unique Serbian experience awaits You. Unique tours offered by Outdoor open the doors to the hidden treasures of Serbian nature and culture. Visit the crossroads of Western and Eastern civilization and the region that forged much of the European history. Once You leave, take a piece of Serbia in Your heart.

Program is based on minimum 6 persons.

Carska bara

Carska bara, spacious and clear blue mirror, dressed in a cane and grass streaks, steppes and willow trees, is placed between three cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin. Its rich water network is made of rivers, canals, lakes and puddles, so colors vary from blue lakes, green and brown forests to yellow and white pastures. This area was once filled with swamps. Today, a number of river meanders are turned into sloping bogs.

One of ten "perfect places" in Serbia, kingdom of birds and oasis of peace and untouched nature, is placed between two rivers - Begej and Tisa - and occupies around 1700 ha. Mosaic character of the reservation comes from interlacing different ecosystems [rivers, puddles, swamps, meadows, pastures and forests] and major parts of it are: old river banks of the Begej and Perleska Bara, Tiganjica and Carska bara, the jewel of the nature.
Every one of the eight European heron species nests here, so this bird is our trade mark. 250 different bird species [140 nonmigratory and 110 migratory species] represent the greatest treasure of the reservation. Many of these birds can be found in the Red Book of endangered species. Concerning the mammal fauna, importance of this region lies in the presence of the otter and the wild cat, very rare and endangered species in Europe.

because of these natural values, and mainly as the significant habitat of swamp birds, this reservation is acclaimed Ramsar and IBA region and it's under the protection of UNESCO. The sound of silence and the song of the nature are being heard here.

- 08.00h Deprture from the assigned terminal.
- Leaving for Carska bara. A visit to Carska bara, a well known natural reservation, where over 300 bird species nests.
- A motor boat ride throught Carska bara, with the professional tourist guide.
- A walk on the Wellness path [with the possibility of renting a bike].
- Lunch in the hotel restaurant Sibila ** [high quality hotel conformed with natural surrounding, restaurant with terrace, air condition in the whole object]
- Free time.
- Return in the afternoon hours.

- Transportation by Minivan tourist class minivan [CD player]
- Transportation by bus tourist class bus [high floor, TV/CD player, air condition].

Price of the arrangement includes:
- transportatioon [bus or minivan]
-a visit to reservation
- lunch in the Sibila hotel restaurant
- services of the local guide
- trip organization and guidance

Price of the arrangement does not include: bike rental

Minimal number of passengers is 35 for bus and 14 for mini-van.
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