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Official Guča Camp Ćurčić

Official Guča Camp Ćurčić: Entry and stay in the camp allowed only with legitimacy by each each guest upon arrival to camp. Stewards who are responsible for preserving peace and order in the camp, will take care of your safety, and professional staff will provide you with all necessary assistance and information.

Campers will be available:- Washrooms with toilet cubicles, sinks and showers with hot water
- Parking for vehicles
- Coffee
- Rechargeable mobile phone

Tents can be rented, which means that every visitor to camp must bring a tent or sleeping bag with you. Place in the camp is reserved by phone. Reservation is valid until the end of the Parliament, so that the arrival in camp the first day of work is optional. Price at the camp is fixed regardless of the number of days spent in the camp. If you do not reserve a place in the camp, accommodation will be possible only if the camp sites remain free.

Price per person: 20-25 EUR
Contact: +381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation DEBELA GORA (guest house), Guča

Private accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela Gora

Private Accommodation DEBELA GORA (guest house) is located in the Western Morava valley, which cuts through the gorge between Sheepdog and Kablar Shepherd Spa is located 161 kilometers away from Belgrade and 18 km from Cacak. Thick mountains, slopes covered in dense forest at the foot of Shepherd, the most hidden place of the Shepherd of the Spa. There are built in the same house, building in traditional style adapted to the needs of modern life. Thick worse, studio type apartments, although built in traditional style and meet all the demands of modern life. Two separate studies equipped with four beds, a kitchenette and bathroom, situated in a quiet part of the spa. They are located near the outdoor swimming pool, overlooking the rocky Kablar Annunciation and monastery.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation NEŠOVANOVIĆ (guest house), Guča

Private accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela Gora

It is located at 250 m from the center in the vicinity of the Red Cross, markets. It has a 1/4 (one four-bed room), 1/3 (one triple), 1/2 (one double-double bed), one bathroom, kitchen with necessary utensils, own parking. The possibility of renting the entire home (turnkey). Type of service: Bed & breakfast.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation ZEČEVIĆ (guest house), Dragačevo

Private accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela Gora

Private Accommodation ZEČEVIĆ (guest house) is one of the fittest objects for receiving guests in Dragačevo. It features contemporary architecture, excellent conditions for guests who can not easily give up the modern way of life, comfort high. It has 4 double and triple bedrooms, two bathrooms, two dining rooms, central heating, telephone, Internet, parking for cars and bus. This facility is ideal for groups up to 15 people. Nearby, the large lounge where you in the evening, the hosts can arrange to socialize with music. With local and healthy food is certainly not remain indifferent before the affability of the hosts, a beautiful landscape will only fill your memories of days spent in Dragačevo.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation MIJATOVIĆ (guest house), Guča

Private accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela Gora

Private Accommodation MIJATOVIĆ (guest house) is close to the central stage (300 m). Categorized and has a double rooms with bathroom(3 double and 1 triple with shared bathroom). Private house has its own parking. In the immediate vicinity of the camp with 40 tents, water features, toilet and shower.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation LAZAREVIĆ (guest house), Guča

Private accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela Gora

Private Accommodation LAZAREVIĆ (guest house) is categorized and located only 150 m from the monument of trumpeters. It has a triple room, 2 double, 1 single, all rooms have the use of a bathroom, living room and kitchen. It has one double room with private bathroom.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation JEVREMOVIĆ (guest house), Guča

Private accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela Gora

Private Accommodation JEVREMOVIĆ (guest house) is located near the bus station (50 m). Upstairs are two double bedrooms (2/2) with a double bed, one triple room (1/3) with a shared bathroom. The ground floor features: two-bed rooms (2/3) with the use of a bathroom. Guests have at their disposal the necessary kitchen utensils. The household has its own parking which is free of charge later.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation JANKOVIĆ (guest house), Guča

Private accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela Gora

Private Accommodation JANKOVIĆ (guest house) is located near the bus station (100m). It has two upstairs bed rooms (2/3), one bathroom. On the ground floor: two double (2/2), one triple (1/3), one bathroom. Kitchen with the necessary utensils to all guests. It has its own parking lot that goes into the price.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation BROĆIĆ (guest house), Guča

Private accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela GoraPrivate accommodation Debela Gora

Private Accommodation BROĆIĆ (guest house) is located on the Red Cross, 300 m from the center. It has a 3/2 (three bedrooms), one bathroom, kitchen with necessary utensils, own parking.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Private Accommodation PILIPOVIĆ (guest house), Guča

Private Accommodation Danica PilipovićPrivate Accommodation Danica PilipovićPrivate Accommodation Danica Pilipović

Private Accommodation PILIPOVIĆ (guest house) is located on a beautiful hill near the women's cooperative in D. Dubac, which is accessed by the river Bjelica. It has a category II. Equipped to meet all your demands for better and more beautiful holiday. It has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, telephone, small swimming pool in summer days, in the living room has a fireplace that will provide the evening most important tranquility and a romance that would not feel totally isolated from civilization that it is possible to use the Internet.

You will try a variety of homemade teas and juices to prepare herself and her famous homemade black bread of 9 types of grains. Private Accommodation PILIPOVIĆ is located inside the forest, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful walks, picking herbs, berries and you can also prepare teas in which hosts will help. If you're interested you can learn to take dips. So you had no fear of that must recommend these genuine people spend a holiday and return to your home with unforgettable memories.

               + 381.64.555.8581

Transportation Belgrade - Guča - Belgrade with cheap Accommodation

Guča trumpet festival (05-11. August 2013)

1. Transportation - Belgrade - Guča - Belgrade,
2. Accommodation: in hotels near Guča or in two and three bed rooms in private homes in the center of Guča. Places are limited, and reservations are necessary,
3. Special offer: Transportation and Accommodation for 4 days - arrangement,
4. Special arrangement for group of 10 and more peoples and tour operators.

- the departure from Belgrade on first day of festival, in front of the Saint Marko`s church. The drive last around 3 hours and we arrive in Guča in the afternoon,
- your Guča hosts will welcome you and take you to the accommodation,
- after we accommodate, you can relax and enjoy your one and only trip to this festival of trumpeters,
- during your stay, we can organize different activities and excursions such as:

Visit to Mountain Zlatibor, Sargan s Eight - the narrowest narrow - Gage railroad, Mećavnik - film city of Emir Kusturica, unique ethno village Sirogojno, Tara rafting and many more.

If you interesting for reservation of apartment in Guča, you can contact us by email on or calling number +381616154768.

Jeep Tour Babin Zub - Stara Planina

Day 1: Monday Arrival at Belgrade Airport at 05:20h. Bus transfer to Dimitrovgrad which is about 340km away. Lunch in Nis. Arrival at hotel Balkan. Dinner and rest.

- Lunch in Niš at the famous "Amerikanac" Restaurant
- Scenic tour of the city and visit to unique monument Cele Kula.

Day 2: Tuesday
Breakfast. Departure at 9:00h with jeeps. Route: Dimitrovgrad - Smilovci - Izatovci - Slavinja - Rosomacki Kamen - Rsovci - Visocka Rzana - Dojkinci - Topli Do - Babin Zub. The route is around 100km. Ethnic lunch during one of the breaks.

Accommodation in hotel Babin Zub. Dinner and rest.

- Rosomaca - visit to Rosomaki Kazani,
- Visit to the Cave Church in Rsovci [famous icon Bald Jesus],
- Visocica and Dojkinacka River delta,
- Sveta Bogorodica Monastery,
- Photo Safari with several scenic peaks,
- Visit to Topli Do village,
- Babin Zub Peak.

Day 3: Wednesday
Breakfast. Route: Babin Zub - Midzor [2, 170m] - Temska River Canyon - Visocica River Canyon - Zavojsko Lake - Nisor - Pirot - Sicevacka Gorge - Niš [175km]. Lunch is in Pirot. Accommodation in hotel  Aleksandar in Nis. Welcome Pool Party, dinner and rest.

- Midzor - Jeep climb and hiking tour,
- Zavojsko Lake,
- St. George Monastery in Temska,
- Pirot - famous Pirot rug shopping,
- Ethnic lunch in "Mali Pevac" restaurant,
- Sicevacka Gorge,
- Night bath with a coctail party.

Note: The tour during the second and third day is performed by the professional drivers.

Day 4: Thursday
Breakfast. Bus transfer to Zabljak on Durmitor Mountain in Montenegro. Road stop in Novi Pazar [optional shopping]. Lunch upon leaving Novi Pazar in a restaurant with a private fish hatchery. Arrival on Durmitor in late afternoon. Sightseeing of Black Lake. Dinner and rest.

Day 5: Friday
Breakfast. Departure with jeeps to the peek Curevac [1, 625m]. Arrival at the entry point for rafting on Tara River. Rafting on Tara River 2 - 3 hours. Ethnic lunch in the nature. Return with jeeps to Zabljak and then a bust transfer to Zlatibor.

Accommodation in Villa "U Lugu". Dinner in the restaurant "Knjeginja" and rest.

- Curevac Peak. Scenic View to Tara River Canyon,
- Suspended bridge on Djurdjevica Tara [140m],
- Rafting on River Tara,
- Photo Safari,
- Ethnic Lunch in the Nature,
- Scenic Rout around Zlatibor [around 240km].

Note: professional drivers from Durmitor National Park perform 5th day of the jeep tour.

Day 6: Saturday
Breakfast. Independent jeep tour [participants driving. Departure for Mokra Gora. Ride on the attractive railroad Sarganska Osmica. This is the location of filming for Emir Kusturica film "Life is a Miracle". Arrival at Mecavnik A. K. A. "Wooden

City" which was designed and constructed by Emir Kusturica. Departure for Bajina Bašta on river Drina. Lunch. Visit to a lake and return to Zlatibor. Dinner and rest.

After the visit to Mecavnik instead of departure for Bajina Bašta, the tour goes to Sirogojno. Visit to the ethno museum. Organized shopping of famous hand - crafted souvenirs and clothing. Ethnic lunch and visit to Stopica Cave on the return route to Zlatibor. Dinner and rest.

- Šarganska Osmica Railroad Ride
- Mečavnik - Wooden City of the famous film director Emir Kusturica.
- Lake of River Drina [or optional village Sirogojno with shopping]
- Ethnich Lunch

Day 7: Sunday
Breakfast. Bus transfer to Belgrade and Surcin Airport with a lunch break.
Departure for Tel Aviv at 16:55h.

What else:
You will eat healthy food and as a souvenir you will take some specialties with you. Clean and fresh mountain air at high altitudes which is of benefit for the people with respiratory problems. Participate in health and fitness program on Čigota. Take a bath or drink water from crystal clear rivers on Tara and Zlatibor. Have a relaxing holiday in the parts of Serbia where nature is unaffected by industrial development. Surprise gift.

Tour details:
- 6 Nights with dinners,
- 7 Lunches and Breakfasts,
- 4 Bus Transfers [Belgrade - Dimitrovgrad, Niš - Durmitor, Durmitor - Zlatibor, Zlatibor - Belgrade],
- 3 Days of Jeep Touring with Professional Drivers on Durmitor and Eastern Serbia,
- 1 Day of Jeep Touring on Zlatibor with participants driving
- 2 + 2 + 2 Guide Service,
- Passes for all the sites that will be visited on the tour.

One day tour River Tara

One day tour along most exciting and most attractive part of the River Tara total length 14km:
- starting from Belgrade early in the morning and traveling via Uzice, Višegrad and Foca to the camp. Meeting with our hosts and surroundings.
- breakfast till 10: 30 - specialty of domestic kitchen,
- changing of wardrobe into rafting equipment. Each participant gets neoprene suit, neoprene boots, life jacket and adventure starts,
- transportation by jeeps and vans to Brštenovica starting point of our friendship with River Tara till 11:30h,
- formation of the rafting teams, introduction to the skipper and basics of rafting and team work. Capacity of the boats in 10 - 12 persons and it is very important to obey skipper's instruction,
- on board to 12:00h rs and rafting starts on the most attractive part of the River Tara total length 14km where are a lot of exciting experience is expected as rapids Celije, Vjernovice grade 5, Borovi, Varda, Cegrlo grade 4, and other 17 which aren't to be underestimated.
- rafting lasts around 3, 5 hours with brakes for swimming and rest in Kulina, Manita vrela, Šipcanica streams,
- arrival at Camp Sastavci around 16:00h and change of wardrobe,
- lunch - specialties of domestic and oriental kitchen, Rafting soup, rousted lamb,
- rest after lunch and departure of Rafters.

Central Serbia

Tour highlights: Visit to Mt. Kopaonik. Most visited mountain is Serbia and the largest skiing center.Rafting on River Ibar. A wild, but safe adventure. Visit to Mitrovo Polje and a bath in mineral springs. Visit to monasteries Studenica, Ljubostinja and Vraćevišnica. Visit to Vrnjačka and Bukovička Banja spas.

Reside on Goc, a mountian rich with forests and one of the most scenic places in Serbia:
- Visit to ethno village Kostunici and the plant for treatment and packing of forest fruits.
- Visit to historic monuments of the 1st and 2nd Rebelion Against the Turks.
- Visit to the hometown and residence of the serbian leader Karadjordje.
- Visit to the church and mausoleum of the Karadjordjevic Dinasty. Including the visit to royal wine cellars.
- Visit to Belgrade with sightseeing and an unforgetable night on one of the rafts.

Day 1: Friday
Arrival at Belgrade Airport. Transfer to Mt. Kopaonik. Dinner and rest.

Day 2: Saturday
Breakfast. Departure for Usce. From there a rafting trip downstream of River Ibar, 25km long. Visit to Monastery Studenica from 12th century. Lucnh in the monastery. Return to Kopanik. Dinner and rest.

Day 3: Sunday
Breakfast. Sightseeing of the ski resort [option is a hike to Pancicev Vrh 2, 016m]. Ride to Mitrovo Polje witha bath in the Mineral Springs. Quick stop for a visit to Monastery Ljubostinja from 14th century. Degustation of the famous wine at the monastery and brandy. Lunch and sightseeing in Vrnjačka Banja Spa. Departure for Mt. Goc. Accommodation in cottages, hotel Piramida. Dinner and rest.

Day 4: Monday
Breakfast. Hiking on the slopes of Mt. Goc to the Velike Livade and Kavgalija Peaks. On the return an outdoor lunch [roast lamb] in the nature. Afternoon rest and use of the sport facilities. Diner and rest.

Day 5: Tuesday
Breakfast. Departure for ethno - village Kostunici. Stop for a visit to Monastery Vracevsnica and Takovo along the way. Ethnil lunch in Savinac village. Arrival at Kostunici. Accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 6: Wedresday
Breakfast. Visit to the plant for packaging of forrest fruit and shopping. Continuing to Topola over Mt. Rudnik. Visit to the monument from the First Rebellion Against the Turks in 1804. and a visit to Oplenac. Visit to St. George's church and mausoleum of the Karadjordjevic Dinasty. Lunch in Oplenac with wine degustation from the royal cellars. Continuing to Bukovicka Banja Spa and a visit to the famous mineral springs in Arandjelovac. Accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 7: Thursday
Breakfast. Departure for Belgrade by minibus. Lunch in Belgrade. Sightseeing tour of the city and NATO bombing ruins. Accommodation in hotel. Goodbye Party with dinner and music on one of the famous rafts in Belgrade. Rest.

Day 8: Friday
Early breakfast. Transfer to Belgrade Airport

What else:
- Eat healthy ethnic food and take kajmak from Kopaonik and forest fruits from Kostunici as souvenirs with you.
- Spend time in the fresh mountain air, beneficial for people with respiratory problems.
- Relax and enjoy nature the ancient way.
- Receive a surprise gift.

Tour details:
- 7 half boards
- 6 lunches
- A number of transfers
- Guide Service: 2 + 1
- Tickets for all locations.
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